Rooted in exploration and evidence, my work delves deep into the forgotten and not often traveled places. It seeks to celebrate the continual confluence of occurrences, brought on by the uncertainty and boundless nature of time, neglect, and indifference.

Surface, urgency, and the direct influence of experiences and exploration in untenable environments are basis for my work.
I am intrigued by the potential of what lies beneath, what remains, and what can be discovered. In the layering process, a convergence takes place that unifies certain elements while contrasting others. The foreground emerges through the directness of applications while the background is never completely abandoned, rising out of the structures of old. I work on a variety of surfaces in charcoal, oil paint, oil pastel and photographic image.

Even though we are now seem so connected, our associations are often not tangible. My work is about creating images that underscore our relationships with each other, our past, and nature, speaking to what is perpetual and yet ever changing.

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